Care Instructions

Cleaning and caring for your Snug Square Play Mat and EVA waterproof cover:


Snug Square Play Mat:

First Time Washing Instructions for Fabric Cover:

When first purchasing the Snug Square, the fabric zipper pull cover is sewn shut. In order to remove the fabric cover for washing purposes, please follow these steps:

  1. Find the side with the loop (fabric) that covers the zipper pull.
  2. Starting in the center, carefully clip one of the threads taking care not to snip the fabric.
  3. With continuing to snip away at the threads, pull out the thread until you can reach the zipper pull and open the cover.
  4. Follow fabric washing instructions as written below.
  5. For safety purposes, after washing the fabric it is HIGHLY recommended to sew back the zipper pull cover to prevent babies and children from accessing the bare foam.

Washing Instructions for Fabric Cover:

Machine Wash Cold With Similar Colors (for best result wash separately).
Tumble Dry Low.
Do not Iron.

Cleaning Instructions for Inner polyurethane Foam:

Spot clean with damp cloth.
Do not submerge with water.
Do not use force as foam may tear.
For best protection of foam, use Snug Square Waterproof Cover (sold separately).
It is normal for foam to yellow over time or when exposed to sunlight.

Replacing Fabric Cover on Foam:

  1. Arrange foam and cover- On a flat surface (preferably a floor), lay the washed cover on the foam, keeping the top corners within easy reach and the bottom opening nearest you. Make sure the zipper is open.
  2. Turn the cover inside out. Turn the fabric cover completely inside out. Reaching up into the now inverted cover, grasp the corners from the inside. The cover should be bunched up around your arms.
  3. Grab the foam corners. Grab the top two corners of the foam through the fabric cover. Holding them securely, lift the cover and foam up and shake them downward, so the fabric goes over the foam.
  4. Set it down. Carefully set the half-filled foam down on a flat surface, being careful not to disrupt the already filled section. Pull the rest of the fabric cover down to cover the rest of the foam. If needed, get the help of a second person to pull the cover all the way to the opposite corners of the foam.
  5. Close the zipper. Position the play mat on your floor, straightening out any bunched sections along the edges. Fasten the zipper to finish.
  6. Safety Tip- after washing the fabric it is HIGHLY recommended to sew back the zipper pull cover to prevent babies and children from accessing the bare foam.
  7. Use the Play Mat- After replacing the cover, it may look as if the cover is not perfectly back on. After a few uses of the Play Mat the cover should be back to a perfect fit.

For your reference, you can tune to our YouTube Channel to watch a demonstration video on this subject.

Snug Square Waterproof EVA Cover:

Use and cleaning instructions:
Cover foam with EVA waterproof cover.
Remove excess air prior to fully closing zipper.
Cover foam and EVA cover with fabric cover prior to use.

To clean, wipe with a damp cloth.