Our Story

Surprising Inspiration.

Baby Mushroom FounderIt’s interesting…

Graduating from business school wasn’t what inspired me to start a business.

It took motherhood to do that.

As an urban mom raising a baby in a New York City apartment, I was always trying to create a play space that was safe, sizeable, and comfortable, on my hardwood and tile floors.

After trying everything from colorful kid tiles, to activity pads, to blankets and beyond, nothing quite worked… or fit my style, budget, or space.

The Gift that Changed Everything.

A friend of mine lives in a country where residential flooring is almost universally wall-to-wall marble. As a gift, she brought me a big, thick, plush mat that’s almost a rite of passage for new moms in her circle. “It’ll be perfect for your apartment,” she told me.

Boy was she right.

Of all the baby products we purchased and all the gifts we received, this was the product our family used and loved the most. Soft. Safe. Perfect for playing, relaxing, tumbling, toppling and learning to sit and crawl. Best of all, it was easy to stash away and transform our temporary “play room” back into a living room.

That gift – with enhancements for style, safety, comfort, and convenience – would soon become the Snug Square.

A Few Years Later, My Goal…

LiatI’m now a mom of 3, and my urban apartment has become a suburban home.

It took a few years to leave my corporate job and start this adventure, but today I’m proud to introduce Baby Mushroom to you.

My goal is to help you create a space that everyone in your family – from newborn to adult – can enjoy, together… and to make life a little simpler in your apartment, house, or wherever else you travel with your Snug Square.

I hope you enjoy this product as much as my family does!

Mush appreciation,
Founder – Baby Mushroom