What customers are saying about Snug SquareOur customers say it best. See what urban and suburban parents alike love about our plush, portable, playmat!

As soon as my kids (4 years and 1.5 years old) wake up in the morning they head for the Snug Square. It’s undoubtedly the most comfortable place in the apartment for them to play and relax on, and I love that it’s big enough for me to join them. The simple colors and design are very much appreciated… so much better than those ugly, hard interlocking tiles!

Sharon Saltz, New York, NY

jollyTruly the best play mat that I have ever used or seen.

Pierra Jolly, JollyMom.com

I LOVE this mat! I received it as a gift when my son was just old enough to start tummy time. It was perfect ! The right size, texture, super comfortable, and extremely easy to maintain. Whenever necessary, I would remove the cover and stick it in the washing machine. My son used it up until he started walking. I would recommend this for any baby!!! It’s a great gift!

Elaine Ferber, Plainview, NY

bigcityThe feedback for Baby Mushroom was incredible – The moms-to-be never saw anything like your mat before. At the end of every event I ask moms-to-be about interesting and new products and your name was on the top of the list.

Risa Goldberg, BigCityMoms.com

I absolutely love this product and so does my baby. This play mat is made with the attention to every detail. The colors are vibrant but at the same time look natural, contrary to other activity gyms which look tacky. My 3 month loves it, we started using it when she turned about 6 weeks old and since then she spends on the mat significant amount of time daily. The quality and durability of the mat are high. I washed the mat already several times and it still looks like brand new. I would highly recommend this activity mat to everybody.

Morgan Cohen, Little Neck, NY

Snug Square ReviewThe Baby Mushroom Snug Square Play Mat is the most comfortable mat that I’ve come across to date. It is soft and cozy, yet big enough for Mommy or Daddy to lay with their little one.

My little one just LOVES this mat. The first time I put it down for her, she rolled around in joy for most of the morning. She now immediately sits on it when reading through her books or playing quietly. It’s been a life-saver for our white rug as well with covering such a large space. I highly recommend the Baby Mushroom Play Mat if you’re looking for something to lay your infant on as well – and it will last you for years to follow!

Melissa Orr Azzarto, Hoboken.Mommies247.com

Thank you for bringing this mat to life. I am a mother of 5 kids. I was always used to putting my baby a little thin mat from a fancy company. I had to pad the floor with several towels before placing my baby on the mat. I go so tired of washing all those layers of padding. It became more of a hassle . So tummy time was cut down to no time at all.

Well four babies later, I got this amazing, plush, and comfy play mat. I can’t tell you how much all my kids enjoy this play mat. My 6 month baby gets her tummy time, and my older children who are 11, 10, 7, and 5 lay on the mat and play with her. My two older boys take this mat and sit on the floor play on the iPad , Xbox , and even watch movies. This mat is so versatile. It can wash, fold and stack away so easily . I even took it to Grandmom’s house.

This product needs to be on every couples registry. It will grow with your baby, and worth every penny.
Thanks for giving us a product that is truly amazing!!

Haily Gavin, Stoneybrook, NY