Clay Handprint Keepsake Ornament Kit

Handprint or Paw print keepsake ornaments

Capture Moments. Make Memories.

When I was growing up, my parents had my baby handprint and footprint captured in clay and on display for all to see. As a parent, I have them for my children as well. Creating a hand print keepsake for your baby, or a paw print keepsake for your pet, is a timeless tradition.

What has changed is the time and effort required to make one.

Baby Mushroom’s DIY Keepsake Kit makes it easier than ever to create your own keepsake ornaments at home. No mixing. No baking. Non-toxic. Air-drying clay – that’s perfectly safe for baby’s fingers and toes, or your pet’s paws.

Baby Handprint Keepsake Ornament

handprint ornament kit

Best of all, with our kit you can personalize your keepsake ornament with a name and date with our included bonus letter stencil kit!

What’s In Each Kit?

  • Enough clay for TWO 4.5 inch keepsakes
  • Our 4.5″ circle cutter
  • Plastic roller
  • Straw hole punch
  • 3 pieces of lace to hang your keepsake or ornament
  • BONUS letter stencil kit for customizing
  • Simple “no mistake” instructions

Baby Mushroom’s DIY kits are a perfect gift for baby showers and early birthdays, Christmas and holiday gifts, and any time you want to capture a beautiful memory.

Available now on Amazon!

Tips & Tricks

Tips for making the keepsake:
  • Our clay is super fresh! If it feels too soft or sticky (especially if using with pets with longer fingernails) you may let it sit for 15-30 minutes to make it a little firmer.
  • Your clay is wrapped in plastic which is a great surface for rolling, making and drying your keepsake. You can also use a wax paper, parchment paper or silicon baking mat instead.
  • If you own a rolling pin you may use it instead of the included one. Wilton plastic rolling pin is a perfect match! You may also use a bottle or a roll of plastic wrap.
  • Don’t roll your clay too thin. Rolling it thin makes it harder to get an impression!
  • The included cutting ring is 4.5″, if you wish to create a different size ornament you may use your own cookie cutter or any other round object such as a cup or a bowl to cut it to a different size. Please be advised that the number of keepsakes you will get from the 70gr clay that’s included will vary depending on the thickness of your clay, and the diameter of your cutter.
  • Cut the silicon stencils into individual rectangles. It’ll be much easier to use!
After making the keepsake:
  • Don’t get a perfect impression the first time? No problem! Just ball it up and start over!
  • Let your keepsake dry for 48-72 hours before putting on the ribbon
  • Once keepsake is dry, you may spray paint the keepsake with clear spray to give it a shiny look, or any other color spray paint (those can be found on your local crafts store or on amazon!)