5 Tips to Becoming a Successful Mom Entrepreneur

The working mom and the stay at home mom used to be a complete opposite (at least in each other’s eyes…). But these days, many working moms are looking for more flexibility in their work, and many stay at home moms are looking to create a home based business for extra income, self fulfillment or both.

As a mom who took that leap of faith and left my corporate job I wanted to share with you my 5 tips to becoming a successful mom entrepreneur (frequently referred to as “mompreneur”), and letting you know that you can, too, become one:

1. Set big goals

This is really two things you need to do. One is set A goal and the other is set it big.

If you don’t have a goal, how do you know where you want to go?

Setting big goals will motivate you, excite you and make you work really hard for it. As part of your business plan, you will be able to break the big goals into smaller actionable steps so you can work wisely to achieve them.

2. Build a support network

Get your ideas out there, ask for friends and family’s opinions (and even financial support!).

Make sure your spouse is joining this ride with you, both mentally and financially.

Look for mentors from day 1. It is very hard to find the right mentor, so always keep looking. You will need someone who have much more experience than you and of course someone that is willing to mentor you (I don’t recommend paying anyone. Great mentors are usually very well off and doing it to pay it forward).

3. Get ready to work hard

That doesn’t necessarily mean work a lot of hours. The juggling act of being a mom and an entrepreneur is not an easy task, and that is one of the difficult aspects of being a mompreneur. But with time, you will learn what is the best way for you to do it (work late at night, early morning, nap time, etc.). Also, if you start this journey, you will feel as if this is another “baby”, it will be growing, it will need attention, some days will be super good, some will be not so much…

4. Make it Happen!

Believe in yourself and be confident, and always take real actions. Many entrepreneurs hope they are the “next big thing”, but the majority of businesses don’t succeed overnight or while doing nothing.

5. Be flexible with your plan and business model

There is no “one size fits all” in business. depending on your personality and the type of business you choose, certain things will show more results than others. In my first year of business I spent over $10,000 in marketing that resulted in very little return, based on other business owners “excellent experience”. On the other hand, I spent only a few thousand dollars on a training program that covered itself with the profit I made implementing it within one month! 


If you already visited the “our story” section, you know that motherhood got me to become a mom entrepreneur. I simply couldn’t go back to work full time, and was looking for a more flexible way to contribute to our household income. I did so by introducing the Snug Square Play Mat. 

It took a while until Baby Mushroom got to replace my full time income, but it didn’t have to. If only I was paying closer attention to my cousin’s emails about how to market my play mats online (and NOT to stores), I would’ve signed up to the amazing selling machine training program earlier. I could’ve prevented myself many heartaches and saved a lot of money wasted on unsuccessful marketing efforts. The course is pure gold and made me focus on direct to consumer sales, utilizing Amazon. The training is very action oriented, motivating and easy to follow. Since I joined this course, I came out with a few different version of the play mats, as well as Car kick mat and organizer, and some more products are coming out this summer!

I did all this while staying home with my three kids! I was able to nurse my third until he was a year old, I go to every event at their school, I make them chicken soup when they stay home sick, I do my grocery shopping and other chores on the weekdays, and I now have a higher income than I had at my full time job.  unnamed

Moreover, when you have a business, you are worth more than just your income. You create value in the business itself, in which you can alway sell in the future. We all know the story about how Julie Aigner-Clark founded The Baby Einstein Company and then sold it Disney! 

Well, The Baby Einstein is an extreme case and doesn’t happen often, so you probably shouldn’t run out and quit your job tomorrow or if you are a stay at home mom, you shouldn’t spend all your savings on a business right away. But I just wanted to tell you that I’ve achieved my wish to financial freedom and flexibility that enables me to care for my three little munchkins, and if you set your mind to it, you can do it too!!!

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