25 Best Father’s Day Gifts Under $25

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Figuring out a great Father’s Day gift isn’t easy! Men (at least most of the ones I know) only want a few things, and when they do, they simply get it for themselves. So when Father’s Day comes, it’s so hard to choose a gift. If you have unlimited budget, just get him a new car 🙂 That’s always a winner. But if you want a unique gift on a budget, you might need some help.

Here are some ideas for great gifts for dad, all under $25!

  1. Beer Cooler – Make sure dad enjoys his beer by getting him this unique gadget that cools your beer within minutes and keeps it cool until the last sip!  1beer cooler$23.97 on amazon.com
  2. A 6-pack of beer, or hot sauce or… – Why not give Dad what he really likes? Instead of pairing it with a boring greeting card, say “Thanks” to Dad with this six-pack carrier + greeting card in one, of course filled with his favorite beer (or ciders, BBQ sauce, hot sauce, olive jars, spices, olive oils, or whatever else he likes)2thanks $13.95 for set of 4 on beergreetings.com
  3. Wine Gift Set– If Dad prefers wine, this beautifully packaged gift set includes Luxury Wine Opener, 2 Foil Cutters and 2 Swarovski Crystal Magnetic Glass Charms- by Simply Charmed.12simpycharmed$24.99 on amazon.com
  4. On the ROCK Glass with Ice Ball Maker – for the dad who prefers whiskey, and really cool ice cubes22.glass$ 19.99 on Brookstone.com
  5. Eco-Conscious Cups – for the health conscious smoothie/protein shake drinking dad, these Universal Cup Lids and Silicone Reusable Drinking Straws are a perfect match!11greenpaxx
    $10.95 for 2 lids or 4 straws, by GreenPaxx on amazon.com
  6. Who’s Your Daddy? – Make a statement with this “Who’s Your Daddy” Tshirt or apron. High-quality 100% cotton.3apron3tshirt$16.99 by Double Blessing

  7.  It Must Be a Sign – “Dad You’re Way Cooler than Mom”, playful message stands out on a wooden box sign with smooth edges and a distressed front.  It’s ok if Mom gets this for dad right?20.coolerthanmom$12 on nordstrom.com
  8. Cool Undies – The world’s best dad deserves the world’s best underwear. MeUndies makes their line of underwear from a special blend of Lenzing modal. It is super soft, ecological and comes in original prints (the tie die is our personal favorite!).8meundies$20.00 on MeUndies.com
  9. Fossil Men’s Clark Trifold – Paying the bills just got a little more stylish with this Fossil classic wallet. Precisely crafted in rich leather with plaid accents. And it has a place to put Dad’s kids picture!!9fossilwallet$24 With 20% off coupon code: JUSTFORDAD on amazon.com
  10. Cupping Massage Set – This is a great gift as dad not only gets this set, but an at home massage too! Don’t worry- 5 Minutes of CUPPING = 30 Minutes of Deep Tissue Massage!
    5lure$19.75 for two Vacuum Cups by  LURE Home Spa on Lurehomespa.com
  11. B.O.N® Nourishing Skin Oil – This natural oil blend of Rose-hip, Grape-seed, Avocado and Vit E. NO mineral oil, is an all-natural and effective way to stimulate hair growth. It is also great gift for the handy Dad, who needs an effective solution for his dry skin hands.4bon$24.99 for a 3.38oz bottle. Save more with an exclusive 20% off coupon code: CELEBRATE on amazon.com
  12. The Beatles “Yellow Submarine” Album in Vinyl – Vinyl records are back! This is the best combination of a unique and classic gift for Dad!7beatles$22 when using coupon POPS on RockandSoul.com
  13. The Godfather – This classic film is always a great gift for the movie loving dad.23.godfatherOn sale for $9.99 target.com
  14. Movie theater tickets – That’s also a guaranteed date night!24. movie tickets$10-$24 for 2 tickets at your local theater or on moviefone.com
  15. SoundBot Bluetooth Shower Speaker – Dad will love this little gadget! He can listen to the game or his favorite tune while in the shower. Also good for outdoor use!16soundbot$13.99 on amazon.com
  16. Bobby Flay’s Barbecue Addiction – If dad loves grilling, he’ll find tons of helpful information on the pros and cons of different cookers, fuels, woods, and grilling gear; how to light and tend a fire; how to tell when your steaks are done; as well as Bobby’s top ten tips for the perfect cookout. With 150 recipes and 100 color photographs, Bobby Flay’s Barbecue Addiction is the best gift for the BBQ loving dad.$20.47 Hardcover on amazon.com
  17. Magazine Subscription – These are really affordable and Dad will remember your gift every month! Depeneding on Dad’s interest, you can choose any kind of magazine, like this Money magazine for the finance dad.13moneymagazine$5 for one year (when you choose auto renewal, which you can cancel at any time!) on amazon.com
  18. World War II Jigsaw Puzzle – This 1,000 piece puzzle seems to be perfect for a dad who’s already a grandfather. The combination of history and something to keep him occupied is perfect! But really, with all the technology, we forgot how much fun it is to sit all the family together and put a puzzle together… and they are so affordable!17puzzle$15.87 on amazon.com
  19. Extreme Paddleball – a premium version of this classic childhood game will surely excite dad and kids alike!19puddleball$24.95 at thegrommet.com
  20. Tile- Item Finder – combined with an app, this little device will help the forgetful dad to find anything he keeps looking for…18tile$20.00 for 1 pack, on amazon.com
  21. Printable gift – This $5 printable makes a great DIY Father’s Day Gift. Print the 8×10 sized file of art print at home or at the local print shop and frame however you like.  We loved the Patriotic or Military Family Sign Camoflauge Flip Flops Mom Dad Kids one, but there are many more prints you can choose from.6brookphoto$5 By Brooke Photo Studio on etsy.com
  22. Super Dad! Project -There are many ideas of DIY projects at Michael’s stores. This is our favorite one.michaelsAll materials $13.96 at Michael’s stores or online michaels.com
  23. Printable Coupons- You can download these for free and if you can’t find a good coupon, you can think of one and just scribble it down! I know what coupon most men wish for! And they should be able to use it at any time!25. coupon FREE! here’s one option, but you can find them all over pinterest.com!
  24. Drop Stop Seat Gap Filler – As seen on Shark Tank, help Dad block the gap between the seat and the center console of his car using the Drop Stop Seat Gap Filler, so he doesn’t lose his keys or a cell phone in that crevice.21. drop stop$19.99 for a set of 2 at Bedbathandbeyond.com (or use their in-store never-expire 20% coupon to save $4!)
  25.  Auto Seat Back Protector and Car Organizer – If you do have that unlimited budget to get Dad a new car, make sure you keep it brand new with our very own Baby Mushroom Kick Mats! These affordable Mats will fit most vehicles and keep Dad’s car clean and organized (even that old car you can’t afford to replace…)10kick matsNow for the lowest price since we launched these- $11.99 when you use Coupon code: CSS7B34Z! on amazon.com
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7 Tips for Raising a Confident Girl

unnamed-8My little princess turns four years old today.

When her bestie asked her if she likes her mom, she told her “yes, she always calls me a princess.”

It’s true. I call her a princess, countless times a day. It’s my term of endearment, and I think at this point she thinks she is a real princess. I also find myself calling her “beautiful”, and “pretty” more than a handful times a day.

Sound familiar?

I mean, it seems like there’s nothing wrong with making your daughter feel good about her exterior, but I also know that it’s not enough. I want her to feel confident and supported in all respects.

I looked at what experts are saying about this issue, and for her 4th birthday decided to choose some of the best tips as a reminder to myself and others looking to raise a happy, confident girl.

1. It’s ok to tell her she is beautiful if it’s said correctly

In a mother’s eye, every child is beautiful, so you want to tell her she is beautiful in a way that compliments her mind. Instead of saying, “Your shirt is pretty” or “Your dress is pretty,” comment on her choice of the outfit rather than the outfit itself. When she gets a little older, explain to her the importance of the way you carry yourself, and who are you, rather than what you look like. Beauty goes far beyond appearance.

2. Make sure she know what kind of princess she is

If you were to ask a four years old 30 years ago what princesses do, she might say something like: “They clean houses and they wait for princes to marry them.” Luckily, this is 2015 and we have a few princesses that actually give a pretty good example of what the real world is like. My favorite episode of Sofia the First (yes, I do secretly pay attention when Disney Jr. is on) is when she decides to go for a “boys” sport of riding the flying pony. Despite some doubts from her sister and friends, and failures while she was practicing, her persistence paid off and she won the race. Tell your little one she is a princess, but make sure she knows what kind of princess she is… one who works to earn the respect of others.

3. Praise her daily, in detail

I mean, there are so many things you love about your child besides her being beautiful. Tell her! And get specific. “I’m so proud that you finished that book all by yourself but asked for help when you needed it!”; “You shared your toys with your brother and it made him really happy, I love it when you play so nicely together.” Recognize, then verbalize what is good about her and she will incorporate it into her self-esteem.

4. Change your vocabulary

Retrain your brain to use the word “smart”. Sure the dress you just put on her is adorable, but did she lift up her arms when it came time to slip the frock over her head? Tell her: “You’re so smart!” Whether it’s figuring out where to put a puzzle piece or identifying her nose, telling her that you love the way she thinks will start to sink in from young age. What a great way to instill confidence.

5. Tell her you believe in her

This is great advice to any of your kids-but in our world, it’s especially important to say it to your girl. Help her believe in herself and her ability accomplish what she puts her mind to. Sometimes kids get frustrated and believe they can’t do something… whether it’s tying shoes, solving a puzzle, or riding a bike. Tell her you believe in her. Tell her it might take work, but that you know she can do it.  This goes for you too, parents. If there is something you always wanted to do, do it! Go back to school, open your own business, start a new hobby, learn how to play tennis. It will not only make you feel a sense of accomplishment, but also teach your little one by example.

6. Encourage her to participate in sports, and get her outside

Putting your daughter in sports at an early age makes her appreciate her body for its strength, skill, and agility, rather than just its beauty. Giving your daughter the comfort and skills to play outdoors will also instill a greater sense of her body as a source of strength and teach her to take healthy risks. It also promotes teamwork which builds confidence as well. Try to introduce her to tree climbing, bug collecting, camping, and other outdoor activities – even if you prefer being indoors yourself.

7. Teach her to speak her mind

The goal: to build your daughter’s self-esteem by giving her a voice. This is such an empowering tool for life, and will be helpful in so many situations… in school, in relationships, at work, and all throughout her life. You want your daughter to speak her mind and to believe in the power of her voice. The way you achieve that is by validating things she tells you and empowering her through developmental stages between early childhood and adolescence.

What is your best advice for raising a confident girl? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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