It’s Earth Day and we have an earth shattering giveaway!

We love earth so much, we have teamed up with 22 earth loving companies to make this day an amazing celebration!

One of you will get a package of products worth $600!

Here’s a round up of our earth rocking companies and the moms behind it:

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Baby Mushroom-I am proud to introduce in 2015 our new organic play mat, designed with all organic and eco friendly materials. Our special edition snug square also uses the same plant based foam as our Baby Bello Organic Play Mat.Snug Square Special Edition

Bobee– Stacy Harfert creates elegant and modern nursery decor. Her new to the market paper lanterns are made of eco-freindly rice paper.bobee-picture

Baby Jack and Company- Kelley Legler created these sewn shut ribbon loops Sensory Tag Blankets. Most of the designs are made by moms in the US. This ABC educational blanket is just one of her popular designs.unnamed-5

B.O.N. Skincare- Kate Schumann and Jenny Baker bring you a line of B.O.N. Natural Skin care products. Good for earth, great for you. The winner will get a Combo Pack of Nourishing Skin Oil20140303_1698_008-2_large

Baby Dipper-Barbara Schantz’s designed a BPA free bowl that enables parents to feed their baby with one hand, and help special need kids self feed.  baby dipper-picture

Bestvitality– Marianna Burwell created a line of natural dietary supplement. This B-12 Plus is so important for moms to keep up with their little ones!bestvitality-picture

Brooke Photo Studio- Brooke Becker is a super talented photographer that created amazing earth themed printable monograms. Pastel Wooden Frame Isolated on White with a Clipping Path.

buti-bag- Nicole williams just launched a modern moroccan tiles Reusable shopping bag. These will save plastic bag in real style!buti-bag-picture

Gentle Goodnight- Lyssa Armenta’s book will teach you a Dancing Sleep Method so your kids can have great dreams of a healthy planet.gentle goodnight-logo:pic

Green + Lovely- Samantha Heithaus’s skin-loving natural and organic products are handcrafted just for you, just like this Botanical Bath Salt & lovely- picture

GreenPaxx- Cindy Schiff made sure your healthy smoothy is healthy for earth as well with her reusable Cool Straws & Cool Capsgreenpaxx-picture

Lalabye Baby– Melissa Huynh makes cloth mainstream with Lalabye Baby one-size cloth diaper. Saves you money, saves earth disposable diapers.lalabuy baby-picture

Le bibble- Michelle Cloney made sure to solve bottle leaks with a bottle bib and help earth get rid of somele bibble-picture2 of the conventionle bibble-picture1al baby wipes with Le swipe organic wipes .



Lilywrap– Ashley Edmonds designed these Reusable Gift Wrap – Small/Medium Combo Pack in Green Herringbone


Lure-productLure Home Spa- created by a mom who was is determined to give other moms the fountain of youth for an affordable price, non-invasive procedure and a natural way. Her products are based on an ancient Chinese cupping therapy technique used by many celebrities.



Parking Pal- Denise Whitney’s car magnets will keep your kids safe in parking lots by teaching them to stay next to the car, hybrid or not…





Simply Charmed Magnetic Wine Charms- Leann Pignone designs a variety of Magnetic Wine Charms. Her Swarovski Crystal are hand made in the US.

simply charmed-picture

Smart Sheep- Christine Krogue’s Premium Wool Dryer Balls are an eco friendly alternative to dryer sheets-they are reusable and reduce drying time. Save money, save earth.smartsheep-photo1

spbang- Sherri French’s reusable bags are perfect for snacks, crayons or anything that you can think of! They are dishwasher safe and from zipoloc bags the earth  save!spbang-picture


Spray Pal- Jen Aprea is determined to change the world, one cloth diaper at a time!

unnamed-4Her Spray Pal cloth diaper splatter shield is a must have for every cloth diaper parent out there. And she has a handsome PR manager that works really hard to #makeclothmainstream. (p.s., he is only three years old)



Squishy Snak Pak– Michelle Zacharias designed adorable reusable snack pouches not only for little ones!

squishypacks-pictureTangee Inc- Tangee Pritchett created Couture Clip Binkie Lovey to combine two favorites of little ones… Made of organic cotton.

couture clip-pictureTivoli Couture- Stella Rubinshteyn Is a serial woman entrepreneur. She created a luxurious line for babies, with her signature stroller liner to keep your baby’s stroller clean and comfy.




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